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Wondering how to turn your 6-8 words into 6-8 sentences?

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Wondering how to turn your 6-8 words into 6-8 sentences?
by Karen Mahoney - Monday, 15 June 2020, 5:26 PM

Sometimes it can be tricky to consider how to expand a response to the minimum 6 - 8 sentences requested, to meet the Diploma level compliance.

When documenting your responses, please consider:

  1. How you would explain and demonstrate each step to someone new in your organisation  
  2. That the assessor IS NOT familiar with you, your organisation or your role

Therefore, it is necessary to include suitable introductions and answers explaining relevance, such as:

1. Overview or introduction of the industry, organisation and/or role

2. The importance or requirements within the context of industry

3. Work place expectations, relating to policy, process or procedure

4. Examples of situations you have experienced, relevant to question

5. Be conscious to avoid industry jargon - include explanations

6. You can also do an introductory sentence, followed by bullet points with short answer responses to demonstrate the explanation


Remember to incorporate the question into your response….this will add length to the sentence amount


REMINDER – written responses, found at the END of the assessment…….

  • Often where there are General Written Explanations/Questions at the END of the Assessment, it can be BEST to do these first.
  • The reason for this, is they often relate to the general context of the assessment and you can utilise your Learner Guide to resource additional evidence.
  • The other tasks often refer to the case study, or your chosen workplace scenario